The SMART rules.

Stay safe by not giving out any personal information. Even anything that doesn’t sound like personal could be. Personal information could even be your picture with your school uniform on. That’s why we have the SMART rule.

S was just mentioned/ keep personal information safe!

M: Never meet someone you met online. You never know how old they actually are, they could be an adult pretending to be a child. This is called age fabrication.

A: Accepting emails, instant messaging or opening files. If someone you don’t know in person sends you a picture and it is a file, DONT OPEN IT! Never accept files online. This could be a VIRUS.

R: Reliable: A lot of people lie about information. DONT FALL FOR IT. Don’t believe everything you see online!

T: Tell a parent, carer or trusted adults about what makes you feel worried, or if you know someone being cyber-bullied.

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