Keeping safe online.

Keeping safe online is very important as it can keep you out of trouble. There are some rules that you need to know to keep you safe online. An easy way to remember these is to use the word SMART.

S is for safe. Make sure to never give away personal details, such as your phone number, your school, where you live and your full name. Keeping safe also includes the photos that you share. Never share pictures of someone who has not gave you permission to or pictures outside of your house.

M is for meet. Never meet people who you do not know in real life. Although it seems very obvious, many people actually do this. People may say that they are an eleven year old girl but in real life, they may be a forty six year old man. This is called age fabrication.

A is for accepting. Never accept stuff from people you do not know because they could easily give your computer a virus and you would not be able to use it properly.

R is for reliable. Make sure all websites you use are reliable as sometimes they include false information. If you are unsure about a fact found on a website, research if it is true or not.

T is tell. Always tell an adult if something that you found online is upsetting you. Whether it is an upsetting picture or a nasty comment someone has put under one of your posts.


For more information about how to stay safe online, try visiting these websites.

Stay safe cbbc

If people are mean to you online and you are still upset after you have told your mum, call childline at 0800 1111.

Thank you for reading my post about being safe online.

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