Any of your pictures of you don’t post them as people can find you and they may be older and saying they are young. This is called age fabrication. This is why we have SMART Rules.

SAFE = Stay safe on the internet by being safe that means DO NOT give away any personal information that includes: address, phone numbers, passwords and any pictures that have street names or house numbers in the background. You should also put any social media on private and only accept people you know.

MEETING = Meeting somebody you have only met online can be very dangerous so DO NOT  and if you decide to then you NEED to take a responsible adult just in case you are in danger at any point. You should only meet people you know and your parents have seen and know who they are.

ACCEPTING = Accepting emails, with downloads as they could have a virus or can contain rude things. If you ever get a email saying ‘You have won £100’ or something like that don’t open it as it could be a scam.

RELIABLE = Only trust reliable people who you know like your family, trusted friends, teachers or carers. Someone may make up fake information to try to make you visit them or meet up so you can really never trust people so please be reliable and make good choices.

TELL = Tell any responsible adult or carer or even a trusted adult if somebody or something makes you feel uncomfortable or worried or if somebody you know is being bullied. Here are some numbers and websites to look on if anything like this ever happens to you.


CHILDLINE: 0800 1111


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